A partnership for scientific research and professional integration of students

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, DoniLab and the University of Segou formalized their alliance by signing a partnership agreement for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in the Segou region.
If entrepreneurship is an alternative to unemployment, as many young people think, it still remains unclear for many people, regardless of category. Going from the ideation stage to the project stage, and then to the realization, requires not only a certain amount of courage, but also support and skills. It is in this sense that DoniLab favors partnerships that can reach young people, in order to remove the mystery around entrepreneurship and provide the tools for a successful entrepreneurial adventure.

The University of Segou is committed to scientific research, training and professional integration of students. As for DoniLab, its mission is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Mali. The accomplishment of this mission necessarily involves enlightening young people, whether they have projects or are simply interested in entrepreneurship, on this issue in the Malian context. The partnership that now links the two structures goes precisely in the direction of the respect of the commitments and the respective objectives.

The items to be covered by this agreement include
Design, planning, institutional support;
– The mobilization of partners and the execution of a program of insertion of the students of the university of Segou through the creation of companies in the green economy;
– The professional integration of the university’s students;
– The promotion of entrepreneurship and related opportunities;
– The accompaniment of students with projects towards the structuring and formalization of their projects;
– Conducting study and research projects on entrepreneurship

This partnership is an opportunity for both structures to play their part in the research, training and initiation of young people to the business world and, by ricochet, in the development of the Malian economy. A promising alliance for scientific research, guidance and support for students in the business world.

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