Diaspora Day: Entrepreneurship in Africa

The African diasporas represent essential resources in the construction of an Africa that wants to develop.
However, the (re) construction of this prosperous Africa will only be effective with the help of several actors. In particular: Entrepreneurs, public institutions, business leaders, support structures, investment funds, financing institutions, media …
DoniLab’s main vision is to propel entrepreneurship in Mali and beyond national borders. It is in this sense that DoniLab France initiates the Diaspora Day, an event bringing together entrepreneurs and other actors of the African Diasporas. This event is perfectly in line with DoniLab’s commitment to promote Diaspora entrepreneurship in Africa. Committed as an Entrepreneurship Facilitator, DoniLab creates, through the Diaspora Day, organized on December 10th in Paris, a framework of exchange between the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa.

Meeting, Exchanges, Networking… what diasporas need to create impact.

The main objective of this day was to create a framework for reflection and exchange on the entrepreneurship of the African Diaspora.
It was also a question of discovering the different support and financing mechanisms for projects adapted to the African Diaspora, but also to identify projects with high added value for the African continent.
Since there is a need for information, training and networking, the event was rich in activities to provide entrepreneurs with an understanding of entrepreneurship, financing and investment in Africa.

On the menu of the meeting were listed:
– A panel discussion with experts in various fields, including financing and business support in Africa;
– An exhibition of stands of entrepreneurs from the Diaspora;
– A capacity building workshop aimed at orienting youth wishing to embrace entrepreneurship, facilitated by the MEET Africa 2 program;
– A capacity building workshop on fundraising and mobilization of financing for entrepreneurs wishing to scale up their business;
– A pitch competition.

And there are those who succeed, by daring…

Leaving everything behind and starting over with new skills and the will to succeed is a gamble that few people dare to take. Yet this is sometimes a decision to make, when you have a vision and ambitions. Diaspora Day – Entrepreneurship in Africa, was also a time for sharing experiences of entrepreneurs who dared and succeeded in the challenge of entrepreneurship in Africa.

Sarata TRAORE, CEO of BMK RH Consulting in Mali and France, Demba DEMBELE Co-founder of the online payment solution Danapay present in 9 African countries and Rui Mendes DA SILVA Co-founder of KEMET Automotive, delivered, during a discussion their entrepreneurial experiences, accompanied by advice to prepare other entrepreneurs for their return and future achievements in Africa.

At the end of these exchanges, the things to remember are: adaptability in order to understand the local mentality and to be in phase with the environment, the creation of a network which can help to carry the project higher and facilitate access to certain opportunities, having the necessary skills to launch and manage one’s company and finally, rigor.

High potential companies in the spotlight.

DoniLab aims to facilitate and promote the entrepreneurship of African youth, wherever they may be. Following this dynamic, a pitch competition was organized in order to identify, coach and allow young entrepreneurs to benefit from financial support and coaching for the development of their business.

Coached by Haby FANE, the six (6) candidates of the contest, looking for technical, financial and technological support, were able to present their project in front of donors and investors. At the end of this competition, 3 entrepreneurs will receive 3 to 6 months of support and a grant ranging from 1000 to 2000 euros to start their business.

An appointment now fixed…

This event is a timely confirmation of DoniLab’s willingness and commitment to support entrepreneurship.
With the ambition of making this day an annual meeting, a crossroads of the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, in order to accompany and support the dynamics of impact creation of the Diasporas in Africa, DoniLab sets the tone with a first successful edition.

Diaspora Day is also a success thanks to the support and accompaniment of partners committed to the development of businesses with an impact on Africa: MEET Africa, co-financed by the European Union, AFD and executed by Expertise France, FADEV, FIDA, I&P, Repat Africa, Cofina Services France, SAER Group, Union des Ambassadeurs, Bond’Innov.

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