DoniLab France, the new key partner of the Malian Diaspora

With a population of 20,250,834, Mali has always been a country with a great tradition of migration, with 1,264,700 emigrants, which represents 6.63% of the population. Selon les derniers chiffres officielles, l’argent de la diaspora représente plus de 11 % du PIB du pays et 77 % des Maliens vivant à l’étranger soutiennent leurs proches.

The Malian community in France is one of the most important diasporas in France, according to the Embassy of Mali 120,000 Malians currently reside there. Despite a strong desire and laudable motivation to contribute to the development of the country 🌍, many questions persist: “It’s too complicated”; “I would have liked to launch a business in the country but…”; “How should I take it?”; “In whom could I trust to launch such a project?”

As a result, many obstacles remain to be overcome for people from the Diaspora who wish to undertake business in Mali:

– Lack of information
– Difficulty in finding a trusted person in the field
– Limited availability and means to visit regularly
– Non-existent or inadequate training and support
– Lack of visibility on the evolution of the project

Based on this observation and having the will to accompany these diaspora entrepreneurs in an effective and efficient way, DoniLab launched on November 12, 2021 in Paris DONILAB FRANCE 🇨🇵. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs in the Diaspora with an accessible, indispensable and reliable reference for launching or developing a viable business in Mali.

DoniLab France is the laboratory of Knowledge, as close as possible to the Diaspora and their projects 🚀, having a foot in DoniLab France means being in Bamako, Segou, Sikasso, Mopti and soon Kayes! 🇲🇱.

We will not stop saying it, ambe nyongon bolo 🤝🏾, relive the launch party in pictures! 🔥

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