From Agri-Food Transformer to Digital Transformer

Agribusiness is one of the largest economic sectors in Mali. It brings together all companies involved in the processing and marketing of food products.

In order to reduce its excessive dependence on gold and cotton, the Malian economy has set out to find “green gold” through diversified cash crops. It is with this in mind that Mali exports its horticultural products to Europe and to its African neighbors.

Always in this state of mind which is to accompany thelocal entrepreneurship by inclusive and innovative strategies that the program TRANSFORMATRICE DIGITALE was born.

Within the framework of the impulse of the economic activities of the women food processors of the region of Kenedougou, the International Organization of the Francophonie and DoniLab 1st structure of accompaniment to the innovating entrepreneurship initiated the training program having for theme the digital to boost the sales of the food processors.

After an identification of 50 women, it is finally 30 women food processors who were selected, they benefited from training in Education and Financial Inclusion, in Small Business Management and in Creation and Management of Digital Contents on WhatsApp Business which is a tool allowing Very small companies and small and medium-sized enterprises to communicate and sell their products/services more easily, more quickly everywhere in the world… to boost their sales.

The said trainings took place during the week of November 22 to 26, 2021 at DoniLab Agri-Hub in Sikasso.

The women have magnified the importance and the added value of the knowledge acquired during the different trainings.

This program has demonstrated that the acquisition of knowledge about online sales, plus the tremendous potential of agribusiness in Mali, plus the actions of women processors in the Kenedougou region can only be beneficial to the Malian economy.

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