Launch of DoniLab Expertise ! Our expertise in the service of development

40% of West African companies identify financing as the main obstacle to their development.

West African growth entrepreneurs face the classic “valley of death”-the time between when the entrepreneur’s own resources from family and friends “love money” run out and when the business is financially viable enough to attract the investment and financing available in the market.

Many partners, despite their good will, face a cruel lack of information and struggle to set up high-impact actions that meet real needs.

Based on this constant, aware of the subtlety of local realities and often solicited by our partners to elaborate actions adapted to the needs of the populations, the launch of the EXPERTISE pole starts from DoniLab‘s 6 years of experience. Therefore, with our dedicated team of experts we offer:

– Program and Project Design

– The study and the advice

– Training and Coaching

These services make it possible to give life to all types of projects, but above all to provide an adapted, effective and efficient response so that the resources mobilized bring the expected results. This is in line with our desire to provide the best possible support to technical and financial partners who wish to undertake actions in Mali in particular and more generally in the Sahel.

Our offer ranges from sensitizing field teams to the realities of the Malian entrepreneurial ecosystem, to designing customized entrepreneurial programs and conducting studies.

Through DoniLab Expertise, we put our know-how at the service of development.

This is a new step for DoniLab which, in its desire to expand and have a greater impact, continues to pursue its mission of accompanying young people in their entrepreneurial journey, by promoting projects that create added value for Mali.

You can now call on DoniLab Expertise to promote the emulation and execution of your ideas around entrepreneurship and innovation.

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